god and spiritualityJenifer faithfully served on the Women’s Ministry Team at Faith Baptist Church for over two years. In all that she has done while serving, whether leading in the Discipleship Ministry to our women, teaching Bible Studies, or planning and helping with our Away Retreats, she has served well. It is always a joy to work with a sister in Christ who desires to bring glory to His name. Psalm 115:1
Dianne Hart, Faith Baptist Women’s Ministry Leadership Team
Youngsville, NC

With the heart of a servant, Jenifer shares her intimate knowledge of God and His truth. She deeply longs for others to search His Word, not the world, for truth. She also longs for others to further develop a relationship with their Creator, since it is, after all, the most fulfilling and meaningful relationship we will ever invest in. While she admires and respects many voices in the world of Christian Ministry, she is fully aware that the only voice that is never wrong and never fails is that of the Lord. She does not place herself or others on a pedestal, but instead stands upon her rock, Jesus Christ!
Jamie Miller, Franklinton, NC

Having known Jenifer since 2005 has been an added blessing to my life. When my husband and I relocated from the West Coast to the East Coast she was the first young woman I mentored. At that time she had young two children, Hannah and Will. She and her husband added sweet little Lydia last year, 2007. I have witnessed first hand how she prays over her family and loves her husband in a way that he can “sit at the gates” as in Proverbs 31. Since mentoring Jenifer, I’ve also had the privilege of serving with her on a Women’s Ministry Counsel for two years while planning a Women’s Retreat for our church. She not only has a heart that wants to love and serve God but also a heart that is teachable, reachable and approachable. She cares about other women’s spiritual lives and prays and studies in order to help them. She has led many Bible Studies that have been a positive influence on many women in the last couple of years. But most importantly is her personal relationship with Christ. There is no doubt that Christ is first in her life.
Deb Paradis Mentor, Youngsville, NC

Jenifer – I want to thank you for being a wonderful vessel for God to use in so many ways. Your “I AM, Who?” study is one of my favorites. Whether we looked at Immanuel, Adonai, El Elyon or Abba, the daily work brought me to a new level of understanding about who God really is. The study offered the perfect blend of scripture and thought/reflection. Several times during this study I felt it was written exactly for me and whatever I was dealing with at the time. It was applicable to the “right now….today” with useful insight and sometimes very humbling realizations. Most of all, Jenifer, I appreciate the honesty, compassion and scripture you offered at each class. It is so obvious that your eyes are on Jesus. Not only is your study written by his hand, but your concern for every person in our class was phenomenal. You are such a gifted teacher and I am honored to be a student in anything/everything you teach or facilitate.
Debra Sanders, Wake Forest, NC

I just met Jenifer a few months ago while taking the Virtuous Woman’s Bible study but was immediately hooked. Jenifer’s classes have an immediately warm and Godly feel to them. When she talks about the Scriptures and shares her insights you feel her passion for the Lord and for helping others dig in and experience the abundant joy she has found in her walk with the Him. In class she uses visuals to help explain the concept or principle she is covering; they are powerful and really stick in your mind. Her enthusiasm and genuine joy are addicting. I get up early now to run to her blog to see what is new and reread past devotionals. She stresses the great benefit of spending time with the Lord in the Word that she has found and that Scripture promises, and I can attest, it can change things that have been unchanged for years. She has a cute saying, “These are not my opinions or my interpretations this is God’s Word”. You can see in the blog she hears God speak, memorizes His Word, believes what the Word says and practices it in her life. And the best part is, she teaches you to be able to do it too and see the results for yourself; and when you don’t see the results as soon as you would like, she is there encouraging you to believe and persevere through the struggle “keeping your eyes on Him”. She is what she says, a servant of the Lord.
Dot A. Wiggins, Youngsville, NC