Have Faith, Find your Purpose, and Change your Own Life.

Many people nowadays seem to lose their faith in God. However, for me and for people who still have faith, we still try to let people know the importance of believing and having faith. There are many beliefs and religions we can discover but the most important thing is always believing in God and knowing that he is our savior.  


We don’t know how much this simple faith could change us as a person or how it can change our lives forever. To be honest, I’ve gone through a hard time in the past when I only have little faith in both Him and myself. I know there are a lot of people like me who went through hard times and struggled a lot but then, thanks to my family and friends who helped me overcome my own problems and supported me. It was because they believed in me and encouraged me to strengthen my faith which made me more stable emotionally and spiritually. They gave me a lot of chance to try and make myself better. Because of that, I was able to change my whole life as well. I even got the chance to sell my house for cash  after a year of getting over these problems and changing my life for good. This is a statement for me that I am finally ready to move forward. 


For people who lost faith because of what life left for them to deal with, it’s time to free yourself. To be honest, change starts with you and all you need to do is face these problems head-on and address these fears that make you weak. We all need strengths when facing all these problems and to gain that strength, we need to believe in ourselves first and have faith in God. It wasn’t Him who gives us these problems. We make these problems and let it ruin our lives. That is why we are the only ones who can solve them all. You have to make sure that you are always connected to Him to always feel inspired every day, and to feel motivated in moving forward. You have to have the conviction in believing that He is going to help us no matter what happens, if only we give our faith to Him. In fact, the only reason why we lose faith is that we blame God for all the struggles in life that we have but in reality, we can only blame ourselves for all these problems we make. 


Besides, we need to remember our number one purpose in life – to serve Him. Whatever will come next from our primary purpose, the other reasons why we are living in this world is up to us. We pave the path for our own way of living and we control how we live our life. When we finally found our ways and our confusion is forgotten, that’s the only way we can really be happy.