By His Grace & In His Word Ministries exists for the purpose of encouraging women to live in God’s grace

By His Grace & In His Word Ministries exists for the purpose of encouraging women to live in God’s grace, dig deeper in His Word, and flesh out His calling on their lives.

Through the expository teaching of God’s Word in local  and online Bible studies, devotional writings, women’s conferences and retreats, women of all ages are led to understand the magnitude of God’s abundant grace and the freedom that grace brings into their lives. They are taught to dig into God’s Word for themselves, developing an intimate relationship with their Savior while discovering their God given gifts. Women are then encouraged to go back into their local churches and communities utilizing their gifts to grow and benefit the body of Christ.

We are lucky that there are always people willing to share their homes with us for our journey. Some even allow us to transform rooms such as garages to accommodate the need for gospel sharing, and spreading the word of God. Since their garage doors in Houston are often insulated, like those of the homes we visited, this allows outside noises to be muted and for us to have a harmonious Bible studies with other followers of God.

The word of God when heard properly is a tool that changes the world. We encourage our fellow brothers and sister to join our community of God’s disciples. We encourage everyone to take part to our usual get-togethers to know more about the beauty of God’s teachings and miraculous presence. We motivate people to be the best people they can be in the presence of God, and their brothers and sisters in Him.

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Serving God is a privilege and we are honored that He would grant us this opportunity. It is our pure joy and pleasure to serve you through Bible study.
Feel free to look around. You could check out our events and online bulletin board to check out our activities near you. For questions, email us at

Jenifer has been a gifted and faithful friend in ministry. She has been an excellent resource both to me and those she willingly gives her time to invest in for the cause of the gospel. The feedback from women who have sat under her teaching has been testimony to the gifts.

God has given her. She has been an asset to our church and to the Kingdom of God.
Brad Paradis, Pastor of Discipleship and Young Adults

Faith Baptist Church, Youngsville, NC