How to Get the Right Window Replacement Contractor

Windows add life and beauty to your home, making it look fantastic and valuable. They are a great source of ventilation and an external view. Furthermore, new and modern windows come with insulation features thus keeping your energy bills low. Windows replacement is a service that you should hire to improve your windows system. Hiring professional contractors to do this job ensures that you will end up with properly installed and secured windows. Are you thinking who the best and affordable window replacement near me is? There are a lot of professional and licensed windows replacement companies that offer a wide range of services to choose from.

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In the past few years, the windows replacement industry has gained as an important part of home remodeling services. Thanks to modern windows’ glass which is best for making your home highly insulated and reducing your energy costs. Furthermore, replacing old and rotting windows will not only reduce energy consumption but also enhance the appearance and value of your building. However, you just need to hire a professional and experienced contractor that will handle this project expertly. Attributes like, experience, knowledge, quality equipment, and other home improvement factors play an important role in choosing the right contractor for the windows replacement project. The following are important factors that you need to check while hiring a professional windows replacement contractor.

Experience of the contractor: Windows replacement is a critical job.  Therefore you need to hire a contractor who has the right skills, knowledge, and experience in managing these types of projects. For the safety of your home and the values of your money, you need to make sure that you are hiring the right services provider who has adequate experience and knowledge in this field.

Type of windows you want to install: It is also important to contact a windows replacement contractor who has a premium range of quality materials. Modern and efficient technology used in the creation of modern windows will definitely make your home energy efficient and valuable. So, make sure that discuss every detail with your contractor on the lines of windows and provide you valuable suggestions on customizing windows that will fulfill your personal taste and preferences.

Quality of work: It is also necessary that hire a contractor who will provide a guarantee for their services. I strongly suggested that double-check the quality of the work completed by the contractor. It is also best to make inquiries with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for any negative feedback or complaints from previous customers. If possible, ask for references from satisfied customers just to confirm that the contractor has completed satisfactory jobs for others.

Getting the best deal while replacing windows_ It is always good to arm yourself with real facts while searching for various types of windows and service providers. It enables you to get the right package within your budget. In addition to this, you will have to evaluate the cost of labor and materials offered by different contractors. Try to protect yourself from spam companies by verifying their license.

As a thumb rule, never hire a company that don’t have license of services in your area. It is also good to check the cost of their offered services because the higher cost does not mean that you will get a high level of services. Therefore, don’t hire a contractor just because they are charging low cost. Don’t compromise on the quality of work by allowing anyone to be carried out cheap work.

Hiring a professional windows replacement contractor is important for a successful project. By conducting little research, homework, and planning, you will avoid hassles and disappointments by choosing the right windows replacement contractor near you.



Have Faith, Find your Purpose, and Change your Own Life.

Many people nowadays seem to lose their faith in God. However, for me and for people who still have faith, we still try to let people know the importance of believing and having faith. There are many beliefs and religions we can discover but the most important thing is always believing in God and knowing that he is our savior.  


We don’t know how much this simple faith could change us as a person or how it can change our lives forever. To be honest, I’ve gone through a hard time in the past when I only have little faith in both Him and myself. I know there are a lot of people like me who went through hard times and struggled a lot but then, thanks to my family and friends who helped me overcome my own problems and supported me. It was because they believed in me and encouraged me to strengthen my faith which made me more stable emotionally and spiritually. They gave me a lot of chance to try and make myself better. Because of that, I was able to change my whole life as well. I even got the chance to sell my house for cash  after a year of getting over these problems and changing my life for good. This is a statement for me that I am finally ready to move forward. 


For people who lost faith because of what life left for them to deal with, it’s time to free yourself. To be honest, change starts with you and all you need to do is face these problems head-on and address these fears that make you weak. We all need strengths when facing all these problems and to gain that strength, we need to believe in ourselves first and have faith in God. It wasn’t Him who gives us these problems. We make these problems and let it ruin our lives. That is why we are the only ones who can solve them all. You have to make sure that you are always connected to Him to always feel inspired every day, and to feel motivated in moving forward. You have to have the conviction in believing that He is going to help us no matter what happens, if only we give our faith to Him. In fact, the only reason why we lose faith is that we blame God for all the struggles in life that we have but in reality, we can only blame ourselves for all these problems we make. 


Besides, we need to remember our number one purpose in life – to serve Him. Whatever will come next from our primary purpose, the other reasons why we are living in this world is up to us. We pave the path for our own way of living and we control how we live our life. When we finally found our ways and our confusion is forgotten, that’s the only way we can really be happy. 

Jesus Cares…Do We?

Jesus Cares



As a daughter of the Most High God, I am called to live on love’s highest plane. I am called to see others through the eyes of Jesus, to love them with the love of Jesus, and to serve them with the servant’s heart of Jesus. As a professing believer of Jesus Christ, when non-believers or other believers look at me and only see the world in its apathetic, lack of commitment, wavering, it’s-all-about-me attitude, what does that tell them about my Jesus? It tells them that Jesus doesn’t care about them. It tells them that Jesus teetered back and forth on His commitment to His purpose on earth. It tells them that Jesus was all about Himself. If this is the impression of Christ I give others when they look at me, then I have no business calling myself a daughter of the King.

Scripture tells us that everywhere Jesus went, He cared about the people He came in contact with. There was no town He entered, no street He travelled down, no synagogue He taught in, no shore He preached on that Jesus didn’t extend a compassionate hand to the crowds of people who were there. He truly cared about everyone.

Remember Zacchaeus? The little guy who climbed up in the tree because he wanted to see Jesus when He passed through town (Luke 19:1-10). Take a journey with me today through the streets of Jericho and let’s see if we can get a glimpse of the compassionate, caring heart of Jesus.


The town of Jericho is all abuzz with the news of a visitor that is soon to be in their midst.  People line the streets waiting for His arrival.

Can you see, just around the bend in the road, the dust as it rises from the ground filling the air? Can you hear the mumbling of the crowd get louder and louder as they approach the town limits? There He is. There is Jesus. That is quite a following He has by His side today. It’s a diverse crowd. Some are believers in the Messiah; others are probably just curious about this man who calls Himself the Son of God.

Let’s turn our attention away from the crowds of people following Jesus and look ahead to that sycamore tree just up the road there. See the little guy scrambling to get up the tree before Jesus gets there? That would be the man Zacchaeus. He is the chief tax collector- not just the run-of-the-mill tax collector, but the chief, the big dog, the CEO of the Jericho Tax Company, Inc. Holding this chief tax collector position means that Zacchaeus is the overseer of a large tax district. Tax collecting, although a job, is not a very honorable profession. These men are regarded, for a lack of a better word, to be thieves. I doubt that many people are lined up waiting to hang out and share a meal with him.

Zacchaeus looks settled there on the limb that is stretching itself across the road, doesn’t he? If we listen close enough I bet we can hear his heart racing with anticipation as Jesus steps closer…closer…closer to where he is.

Oh…I wish we were standing on the other side of the tree. I would love to see their gaze lock in on one another for the first time. Better yet, I’d love to see their hearts meet.

A few more steps to go and Jesus will stand right beneath the sycamore tree that Zacchaeus seems to be hanging onto for dear life. Will He pass by? Or, will He stop? I’m sure He has other things to do. He has Passover to get to. Do you think He will stop and preach to the crowds of people that are by His side?

Look. Look!! He stopped.

What is He doing? He’s…He’s looking up…into the tree.

His lips are moving. What did He say? He told Zacchaeus to hurry up and come down because He had to stay at his house?

WHAT!?! WHY!?! Why would Jesus command Zacchaeus to come down? Why would He want to stay at his house? Doesn’t Jesus know that this man is a thief? Doesn’t Jesus know that nobody around here takes up with the likes of his kind?


Why? Why did Jesus stop? Why did He look up in the Sycamore tree that day and command a wee little tax collector to come down and take Him to his house? WHY? Simply because He cared.

Jesus cared. He cared enough to stop. He cared enough to speak. He cared enough to accept Zacchaeus in spite of what he was…in spite of who society had labeled him to be. Jesus cared enough to wrap His arms around Zacchaeus and welcome him joyfully into the family. He cared enough to go to his home and enjoy a meal with him. He cared.

I wonder…

Do we care enough to stop in the midst of our busy schedules and look outside the walls of our homes? Do we care enough to step out of our comfort zones and speak to a total stranger? Do we care enough about people and the condition of their heart to accept them no matter what they look like or smell like, how old they are or what their past might be? Do we care enough to invite them into our lives?

People come in and out of our churches every Sunday. They come in and out of our places of business. They even come in and out of our lives. Do we care enough to do more than just greet them with a nod of the head or a quick smile?

Jesus did- He cared enough about us all even to the point of death.

How much do you care?

By His Grace & In His Word Ministries exists for the purpose of encouraging women to live in God’s grace

Bible Studies

By His Grace & In His Word Ministries exists for the purpose of encouraging women to live in God’s grace, dig deeper in His Word, and flesh out His calling on their lives.

Through the expository teaching of God’s Word in local  and online Bible studies, devotional writings, women’s conferences and retreats, women of all ages are led to understand the magnitude of God’s abundant grace and the freedom that grace brings into their lives. They are taught to dig into God’s Word for themselves, developing an intimate relationship with their Savior while discovering their God given gifts. Women are then encouraged to go back into their local churches and communities utilizing their gifts to grow and benefit the body of Christ.

We are lucky that there are always people willing to share their homes with us for our journey. Some even allow us to transform rooms such as garages to accommodate the need for gospel sharing, and spreading the word of God. Since their garage doors in Houston are often insulated, like those of the homes we visited, this allows outside noises to be muted and for us to have a harmonious Bible studies with other followers of God.

The word of God when heard properly is a tool that changes the world. We encourage our fellow brothers and sister to join our community of God’s disciples. We encourage everyone to take part to our usual get-togethers to know more about the beauty of God’s teachings and miraculous presence. We motivate people to be the best people they can be in the presence of God, and their brothers and sisters in Him.

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Serving God is a privilege and we are honored that He would grant us this opportunity. It is our pure joy and pleasure to serve you through Bible study.
Feel free to look around. You could check out our events and online bulletin board to check out our activities near you. For questions, email us at

Jenifer has been a gifted and faithful friend in ministry. She has been an excellent resource both to me and those she willingly gives her time to invest in for the cause of the gospel. The feedback from women who have sat under her teaching has been testimony to the gifts.

God has given her. She has been an asset to our church and to the Kingdom of God.
Brad Paradis, Pastor of Discipleship and Young Adults

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